We are located in Russia. All items are made to order.

You can send some wishes or details to your order if you want.
Different color or extra details are custom (but may be extra charge)

Average time of making orders is 1-12 months depends on your deadline and our schedule.
Sometimes we have too many orders, that’s why if you want get order to special date please contact us first!
It’s possible to make order in a shorter time for an additional charge 30 — 200 % depends on your deadline.

We accept PayPal payment only.
Payment plans can be accepted only for regular customers or orders over $1000.

All orders packaged safely to high density paperboard boxes, so there is no problem with shipping worldwide. Packages shipped out every 3 days via EMS courier shipping company as the fastest shipping way.
Tracking number will be send to you e-mail as soon as package shipped.
We are not responsible for any failure with delivery or any delays of shipping company after package left Russia.



Don’t forget to fill your measurements to “Measurement” field while check out or we have to make base measurements item.

All wigs are suitable for head standard size (55-57 cm on eyebrows’ level)
But sometimes we have to ask you to make additional measurements to be sure wig will fits you well.

Use hair cap while measuring!

Please make sure your have standard measurement or provide yours.

If you didn’t provide measurements we make wig with standard one and will not accept returns!


Returns and refunds possible only if the item does not fit you because of our fault (e. g. didn’t use your measurements).

If you want to return item because of measurements fault you have to write us in 24 hours after getting it and ship it in new box in 3 days at the same condition as received and provide  international tracking number of courier shipping service ONLY. You will get 100% refund (without shipping fee and extra cost) on order’s price only when it will be delivered to us the same condition.


Also returns are acceptable as an exception if we are interested get it back only. Refund is 60% of item’s price only.

Unfortunately we had cases when customers visited festivals with our wigs, made photoshoots and then asked to return wig and get full refund because they «do not like the wig». That’s why we give such small time for contacting. Also our workshop make commissions only —  service, it can not be returned as goods, so we can afford only 60% refund on the price of the wig styling/sewing costume/making props if it’s not our fault but we accept return from you as an exception.

If you want to return item because you don’t need it now you have to write us in 24 hours after getting it, snd if we agreed get it back and make refund you have to ship it in new box in 3 days at the same condition as received and provide  international tracking number of courier shipping service ONLY. You will get refund  only when it will be delivered to us the same condition.


Shipping fee is not refundable and all return shipping fee to Russia is payed by buyer.
Additional charge is not refundable.
If you send it via regular shipping service we can not make refund to you anymore.

No any returns and refunds in any other cases.


Usually we take commissions for 6-12 months ahead because of the large quantities of orders.

Approximate prices of wigs you can see in our store.
All terms of about custom orders you can read here.

NO free slots in 2018!

Free slots in 2019:

July: 3 of 3
August: 3 of 3
November: 3 of 3
December: 3 of 3

Wig schedule

  1. Astolfo
  2. Mercy
  3. Rosalina
  4. Goku pink
  5. Tron Bonne
  6. Ren
  7. Yugi


  1. Cloud
  2. Starfire
  3. Cloud
  4. Princess Peach
  5. Hisoka
  6. MT Lady
  7. Oskar


non-deadline wigs (processing time till 12 months)

  1. Medusa
  2. Lunafreya
  3. Josuke
  4. Princess Peach
  5. Sailor Moon
  6. Josuke
  1. Taichi -2019
  2. Ezreal


Please send us:

1. Several pictures
2. Your deadline

We will answer:

1.Price without shipping
2.Nearest time of finishing your order


If you are ready to pay we will provide you listing and you could buy it within 48 hours only,
if you pay after we can not guarantee time of making wig will be the same.