Moment Crystal glue

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We use this glue to make our wigs 🙂

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Moment Crystal Universal Glue from Henkel is the one from the best glue on the market. Suitable for professional and home use, as also for model crafting and any hobbies, especially in wigmaking.


☆100% Quality of Hankel (Germany)
☆Ideal for work with wood, plastic, glass, PVC, Metal, and other surfaces.
☆Fully transparent for working with transparent details.
☆Good packing without drying in non-used period.
☆Water-resist and heat-resist.
☆Manufacturer country: Russia
☆Store at temperatures between -20 ° C and + 30 ° C. In the case of freezing, the adhesive restores its original consistency and properties at room temperature.

1 x tube of Moment Crystal glue 125 ml
(In case of order 6 tubes please make note if you want get it in show box)

NOT for Children!
Avoid any contact with eyes. Once it happens, wash with water and seek medical assistance immediately.


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